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8bar or 15bar/30bar steam car washer?

     Please firstly check the following demonstration on the comparison of two barometers for two kinds of steam car washer/steam cleaner, which one you prefer?

      Right now in the market, there are steam car washers or industrial steam cleaners with 8bar, 10bar, 15bar, 30bar or even higher. Which kind of pressure is suitable when choosing a steam cleaner?
According to common sense, the higher pressure the cleaner is, the better cleaning performance it shows.
However, there are real examples in steam cleaner industry shows something different from our common sense.
For saturated steam cleaners(with vapor humidity control function), the normal pressure should be around 6bar,
8bar, 10bar, no matter for Itlay or Korea steam cleaners.
However, if applying instant heating technology, we can make so called 15bar, 30bar steam like cleaners. The higher pressure actually is powered by a pump, not from steam itself. What's more, the so called 15bar or 30bar pressure will drop in seconds, and gets lower stable working pressure than Heng'An 8bar or 10bar real saturated
steam cleaners.   
     Hengyan holds kinds of steam generating technology, including the instant steam generating technology which is also applied in some OEM model as assistant kit. Because instant steam cleaner generate steam like vapor, not real saturated steam. Instant "steam" is too wet to wash car interior and engine.
     More comparison will be listed in latter pessages.


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