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Why to Choose Steam Car Wash

Real Dry Saturated Steam

1.New Trend. Steam car wash will be a new idea solution for auto detailing center, and it will become more polular.

Car Wash Trend-Steam Car Wash

2.Best choice for new opened auto detailing center. Auto detailing is still a very big market, and there is less industrial regulations, so what kind of new equipment, new service, customer-oriented rules will definetly earn you the market. Steam car washer will just be the very exist.

New Auto Detailing Center with Steam Car Wash

3.New Conception: Compared with traditional car wash, steam car wash/steam sauna/steam spa is no doubtly a fresh new way, which will attract more customers.

Steam Car Wash Sauna
4.More Money: For car exterior cleaning, can only earn small money. But precision wash on car inteiror and engine will bring you more profits. And the new car wash conception will attract more customers consuming more other auto detailing services.
Steam Car Washer for Car Interior Engine Exterior Wash

5.Health Care: Steam can wonderfuly clean, sterilize, bad smell kill of car interior (chair, AC, roof, safety belt, etc.) bringing car driver and passenger health care--"Love your car, enjoy your life"

6.Water Saving and Environmental: 1.5L water can wash a car, also chemical saving.

1.5L Water A Car by Steam Wash

7.Real precision wash! Some car wash shop even details the car wash into more than 39 steps, which will 100% satsify the customers, they will believe "you deserve the money", and they will come back again next time, and next time……

39 steps steam car wash

8.360 degree no dead corner cleaning. Some auto detailing center even use cotton stick to do the quality inspection to fully conque the customers' heart, which will finally make you catch their wallett.

Steam Car Wash Quality Inspection

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